About COmpany group has been a worldwide provider of advanced IT systems for over thirty years. The software developed by A plus C Systems enables more efficient management of the essential IT and Human Resources in companies and government institutions. The software combines a broad spectrum of features, the most professional technologies, and an innovative user-friendly interface. By covering all basic elements of IT infrastructure, our programs give both the overview and the detailed information on the infrastructure itself and on the related processes and costs. As the result the IT infrastructure TCO is reduced, the assignment of tasks to employees is optimized, and the all the investments are planned economically.

User-friendly programs

If a program, even the best one, remains unfriendly and difficult to use, users will never take full advantage of its functionality. Our programs are to be user-friendly and intuitive, so that users could learn and use all their functions from the very beginning.

Programs are for users

We develop the functions which are expected by users. Software updates always take into account users’ proposals and comments. Users participate in developing new functions and consequently they receive the program they need.


The experience of statlook users is that implementing the system results in a substantial increase in the office workers’ efficiency, at the same time bringing measurable benefits in terms of software and hardware management.

Contact us S.A.
We have English speaking Sales & Tech teams, as well as native speakers, in each location.

1/15 Szymanowskiego
30-047 Krakow, Poland

For English and Spanish speakers:
Phone: +48 12 340 90 98
Phone: +48 12 340 90 97

E-mail: [email protected]

Branch office in Berlin, Germany:
Lützowstraße 102-104
D-10785 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 25 42 22-7710
Fax: +49 30 25 42 22-7739

Branch office in Sofia, Bulgaria:
Veslec str. 28
BG-1202 Sofia
Phone: +359 2 411 34 40
Phone: +359 886 436 124
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We have English speaking Sales & Tech teams, as well as native speakers, in each location.
1/15 Szymanowskiego, 30-047 Krakow, Poland
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