Statlook is a software solution for both IT administrators and supervisors which changes the way you manage your IT infrastructure and users.

The Whistleblower package:

Secure whistleblowing package for compliance with ISO37002 and EU Directive standards, providing a secure channel for reporting misconduct, protecting whistleblowers' identities, and fostering a culture of integrity.

Whistleblower ISO37002

Compliance with ISO37002 standards for whistleblowing, ensuring transparency and ethical conduct within the organization.

Secure Channel for Whistleblowers

Secure channel for whistleblowers to report misconduct and ensure anonymity, fostering a culture of accountability and integrity.

Whistleblowing EU Directive Compliance

Compliance with EU Directive standards for whistleblowing, ensuring legal adherence and protection for whistleblowers.

Full Data Anonymity

Ensuring full anonymity of data for whistleblowers to protect their identity and provide a safe reporting environment.

Safe On-premise Solution

Safe On-premise Solution
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Need a secure and anonymous channel for whistleblowers to report misconduct and ensure legal compliance?

Statlook AI's Whistleblower package offers a secure whistleblowing solution compliant with ISO37002 and EU Directive standards. With features like anonymous reporting, legal protection, and full data anonymity, Statlook AI fosters a safe reporting environment, protects whistleblowers' identities, and promotes organizational integrity effectively.

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