Compare Maintenance (MT) and Maintenance Plus (MT Plus):

Two varied Maintenance Plans provide a full range of additional services ranging from updates and upgrades to individual workshops and implementation services. Statlook Maintenance Plans allow you to benefit from the knowledge of our IT Specialists.
Additional services included in package MT MT Plus
Software Identification Patterns
Technical Support
Online Webinars
24 hrs Response Time
Remote Assistance
Individual Webinars and Presentations
Implementation Support

Order Maintenance plan

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    Maintenance plan (MT) and (MT Plus):

    Statlook system is not only a software, but also a wide range of services such as technical support, training, workshops as well as upgrades. You get one 1 year of the services for free with your Statlook license and later there are two options to choose from: Maintenance (MT) and Maintenance Plus (MT Plus).

    What do I gain by renewing my maintenance?

    • All new updates and upgrades
    • Technical and specialist knowledge of our technicians and developers
    • Free workshops
    • Priority support services
    • Loyalty discounts
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