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13 December 2016

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In the age of digitalization, IT in education became a worldwide standard. This is why a purchase of an efficient IT management system is an investment – not an expense.

The role of Internet usage and computers in both education process and administration becomes more important. This includes:

* Electronic grade books and schedules,

* E-learning,

* Electronic register systems for both teachers and students.

This phenomenon makes the issue of efficient data management and security even more burning.

It is also important to implement user monitoring in order to ensure network security and data flow control – especially concerning areas exposed to a threat, like:

* Computer studies,

* Libraries with public access to computers and the Internet,

* Auditories

IT management and education

Managing IT infrastructure in education demands a vast effort from administrators.

Duties of an IT administrators include ensuring that each aspect of network efficiency. He is also responsible for the damage caused by the users, data breaches and illegal software – no matter who caused the issue.

This is why the administrators of educational institutions frequently choose systems which supports them and automate their tasks. Complex systems to manage IT networks are one of basic tools of their work. Yet, they should be adjusted to the needs of a company, public institution or educational organization.

Statlook - we serve education

Polish institutions most frequently rely on statlook systems – mostly because of its design, created from the scratch with utmost care for both legal demands and our clients’ needs.

Statlook system facilitates IT asset management with three suites:

Statlook Resources – software and hardware inventory,

Statlook Monitoring – user and Internet surveillance,

Statlook Helpdesk – delivering a quick and efficient access to other computers in case an IT incident appears.

Each suite can be configured and joined together according to the needs of an educational facility. Yet, in order to fully control IT infrastructure, it is worth to consider a full suite of the functionalities – a complex statlook system which includes all three suites.

Test our product for free!

The TRIAL version is fully functional for testing in your environment, and we will gladly help you with testing and implementation.


How statlook can serve an educational facility?

Hardware and software inventory is automated – it takes only to remotely install agents on each workstation to gather data about every electronic device that is connected to the network. The data are presented as coherent reports, which can be saved in any format and print, if the situation demands it.

Legality issue looks likewise – it takes only to request a scan of computers to gather data concerning types and number of installed licenses – both commercial and freeware – and educational versions of them. Every function of the system are accessible from the level of Master console.

Monitoring offered by statlook system serves as means of controlling end-users behaviour. The data gathered on an ongoing basis give administrators such pieces of information as:

* Who installed a program and on which workstation,

* Which files and multimedia were downloaded,

* Which websites and domains were visited,

* Which applications were used?

* How much time was spent on a given activity?

This functionality has a key value for IT in education – especially concerning the fact that apart from gaining login reports, an administrator may block access to dangerous or undesirable websites, domains and applications.

This also includes external memory drives – the usage of unauthorized devices also can be blocked or limited to read-only or saving and reading.

This functionality has a key value for IT in education – especially concerning the fact that apart from gaining login reports, an administrator may block access to dangerous or undesirable websites, domains and applications.

This also includes external memory drives – the usage of unauthorized devices also can be blocked or limited to read-only or saving and reading.

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