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5 December 2016

Public administration nowadays becomes more and more reliant on IT-based solutions. It results in technology becoming necessary in an increasing number of branches – including IT infrastructure. What is more, with GDPR entering into force in May 2018, every company that works within the territorry of the European Union will have to carry out new responsibilites.

What are the responsibilities of an IT administrator?

Modern technologies enhance the fluidity of work within public administration. Because of that, they become a must in an ever-growing, modern society.

Such a facility – as a subject of public confidence – must protect its IT network infrastructure due to responsibilities it is obliged to follow.

There are several standards public administration-related facility ought to follow. It includes:

  • Personal data security
  • Quick and efficient work with a wide range of information
  • Clear and coherent communication between departments

All these qualities can be checked and measured with a professional IT management system. Because of that, we would like to offer you software which answers your needs.

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User monitoring

User monitoring is an absolute must in every kind of public institution. This kind of surveillance prevents your network from being infected by malware and viruses that would be downloaded from unknown Internet websites.

With a professional IT management solution you can block websites, applications and programs according to your need. Statlook helps you to prevent your facility both from financial loses and legal consequences of jeopardizing your data security.

Helpdesk and remote desktop for public administration

Efficient work of administration is highly dependant on the condition of your IT infrastructure. Good management and ongoing problem solving is a key to keep everyone's work current.

A well-functioning Helpdesk and remote desktop system integrated into your IT management software is key to provide your workers with necessary support. No matter, how many workers are in IT support department – communication and good problem management will always help you to solve every trouble.

Statlook has all these functionalities. They are integrated into one intuitive interface – in order to make you react even quicker.

IT management system in a public facility

IT solutions ought to support everyday tasks of institution of public trust. As a first step to create a balanced organization, they should be considered as a key investment which should be thought over carefully.

Be cautious – your company's public image is at stake. Because of that, let's consider which functionalities are most important for such a system

IT Asset Management software – what to choose?

Software and hardware inventory

With this solution, you can efficiently gather information about all IT resources your company owns. It becomes especially easy if such a system can create data record cards. Each change is registered as alerts - also sent via e-mail.

License compliance

Such module is necessary to check the legality of software owned by the company. It results in safer network and company being able to work in accordance with the law.

Software legality audit

Analyze your software, put the licenses in order and implement procedures necessary to enhance the work of administration. The program should detect every attempt of unauthorized installation.

Computer monitoring

This module should consist of information about used equipment, launched programs and applications as well as visited websites. This range of data enables you to assess the productivity of your workers.

Professional helpdesk and remote desktop

How to speed up IT support in your company? Use software that provides you with current notification registry, ticketing system and remote connection with several computers at once. All the solutions put together create a tool that makes your work easy – and your end-users satisfied with quick servicing.

External memory drives monitoring

USB drives, SDD discs and memory cards ought to be controlled in order to prevent key data leakage. It is a component of fully-functional system that enhances security of every kind of company.

Printer monitoring

Curious to know how your company's equipment is used by the workers? Worried about your data safety? Fear no more – purchase a system which monitors the printing process, including the number of copies, the colour of a printout, its quality as well as who did the printing.

Blocking websites

There is always a risk that one of your workers will unintentionally infect your network with a virus from a suspicious website or download. But you can reduce this threat by simply blocking the content.

All the aforementioned functions are provided by statlook system. Consisting of three main modules – Resource, Monitoring and Helpdesk – it is a software that enhances your company's security and overall performance. Each module is available to buy separately - just according to your needs.

Are you interested in checking out its functionalities? Download a free demo version, and become a part of our experience in creating a well-rounded, professional program that will provide every company with wide range of options.

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