New features - statlook 12.0.0

24 January 2018

Version 12.0 of statlook system was a vast challenge to us, mainly due to a great number of changes and new functionalities. Due to that, there appears a solid change in how our system works like - of course, only for the better! We are expectionally proud of our new statlook GDPR module, which introduces solutions designed in accordance with General Data Potection Regulation - ultimately planned to be introduced on 25 May 2018. As it majorly changes the means of securing data processing activities, we are extremly glad to present our Customers with solutions which ensure that the implementation of new rules will go smoothly.

Moreover, we were able to enhance many of the functionalities which have already proved themselves to be very useful in terms of IT administrators' daily routine. Such functions as remote session history, password policy configuration or expanded License module will definitely influence your work in a positive way. As you know, knowledge is power - and in case of IT administrators, an absolute must-have.

There are also changes that may appear to be lesser ones, yet they prove to be very influencial as well - concerning mainly data transmission capacity and global search results. Due to that, our system is even more efficient and intuitive. Please sit back and read the new statlook feature list out - a long lecture indeed, but such a satisfactory one!


Tackle new challenges with new solutions – statlook 12.0.0 offers a wide range of functionalities due to introducing new, widely-ranged GDPR module. Inventory, manage, modify your datasets and accesses with ease.

With Security module  you will be able to list all the people who may access each dataset in no time. Have any of the workers spotted a danger? Report a data breach as soon as possible. Keep all the necessary documentation in an easily-accessible repository to get all the information at every demand. Generate access authorizations for each operation concerning data processing.

Support your information security administrator, personal data controller and network administrators in order to improve the safety of your data. Schedule trainings aiming at raising awareness concerning this issue – and, by that – the security of information within your company. Be ready to fulfill the obligations resulting from ‘The right to be forgotten’.

the interface of statlook GDPR, including its most vital functions (access to data set, information security breach, scheduling security training or deletion requests)

statlook GDPR interface

Global search

Search for each element easily and efficiently – and with an integrated rank system you will find the results that meet with your expectations. Do you want to search through a particular module instead of the whole system’s database? No problem – you may change the configuration in only few clicks.

The table depicting how global search works in statlook 12.0

Global search customization

Password change

Secure the access to your data. From now on you may forbid your users from using the password with low complexity level. You are in charge in terms of setting their difficulty level as well as how often they will demand change. Almost every configuration lets to reach even higher level of security.

The options window depicting how you can change password policy in the system

Password policy for statlook accounts

Session history

Do you work in a big team? Do you want to maintain control over remote connections? Dear Administrator, we have designed a new report just for you! The history of remote desktop connection will keep you informed on who, when and with whom had a session. Moreover, you will be able to name other parameters – such as if the user were asked for permission before the connection was made.  

A window of session events history, depicting how and who maintained a remote desktop session in a given period of time

Session events history

Adiós Amor

Is everyone ready to bid farewell to the old and slow IIS? From now on, Statlook Web’s new WWW server will be Server Uplook. Due to implementing our proprietary WWW engine we can say goodbye to the solution made by the Rendmond’s Giant.  Thanks to integrating with our won solution statlook Web configuration became maintenance-free, the update will proceed automatically, the performance became even better – and so your efforts to cut the expenditures. By getting rid of IIS server we do not have to worry about another CAL’s connected to this server anymore.

Settings enabling you to change web server ports to ensure a steady data flow

Change your ports depending of data transmission capacity


This solution makes no difference at first glance – yet how useful it proves to be! You may decide if you prefer your agents to connect to the server as it used to be – by using HTTP protocol – or start using NET.TCP. The latter solution lets you saving the band and guarantee that the connections will remain coherent – even if you have Proxy server within your Web.

A window that enables you to change Agents connection settings

Choose net.tpc protocol to obtain even better data flow capacity

Remember – after this change your agents will start using 21300 port!


Version 12.0 introduces a vast change to the license module. From now on, it is a complex object, such as the other statlook resources. Each license may possess an assigned attachment, owner or a note. Every change in the licenses are monitored and controlled – as in the case of computers, you may create sets out of them. Detection of installed software and creating licenses on the basis of the product’s key also proves to be a useful feature.

A window that enables you to add many useful information concerning licenses (department, status, license key, product ID, installation type, device license count etc.)

License module now is even more useful!

Changes that put an impact on licenses also influenced the audit process. Not only the interface vastly changed – there appeared a vast change within the algorythm – as a result its performance became more rapid, as well as it became possible to include upgrades and downgrades of the products included.

Changes within Licenses module's interface

The interface of License module now more intuitive than ever

To obtain more information concerning changes within statlook 12.0, check our list of changes. Thank you very much and see you next time!

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