Remote working - how to solve 3 problems, which are taboo subjects?

30 April 2020

There is no doubt that remote working has a lot of benefits. You do not have to waste time standing in traffic jams, you can afford to be more flexible when it comes to working hours, and you can balance your private and professional life more effectively. Researchers claim that working in the right environment has great impact on creativity. But this is the perspective of employees. Employers may have concerns about low productivity of remote workers. Another problem related to remote work is the risk of leakage of company data. What if remote employees have problems with their computers and IT administrator is in the company's headquarters? We will look at these issues and find simple but effective solutions for problems with remote working.

Table of contents:

The problem of low productivity – are remote workers really working?

Data leakage - remote employees’ data security

Managing remote workers, just like office workers – is that possible?

The problem of low productivity – are remote workers really working?

Remote working means no direct control. Let's not fool ourselves! Remote workers have many different distractions during their working day. Websites to browse, messenger conversations, series to watch, and more. It is much easier to succumb to these distractions when your boss and colleagues are not looking. Employers are constantly wondering whether remote employees spend their workdays rationally. The question of productivity, as well as many other, will be answered after installing monitoring software (e.g. Statlook). Statlook’s monitoring module provides functionalities such as Internet usage control, website blocking, monitoring of users' activity. It provides all the supervisors with numbers, facts and graphical representation of each working day.

Data leakage - remote employees’ data security

Another problem related with remote work is a potential leakage of sensitive company data. Statlook system comes with a solution. Datalook module is an intuitive tool to manage external data storage devices. It ensures increased security of key information and control over removable disks. Information about each removable data storage device used by remote employees is a recipe for increasing security. What is more, Statlook system allows employers to grant selected rights (view, edit, execute, etc.) concerning data stored on external devices to different employees.

Managing remote workers, just like office workers – is that possible?

Another problematic issue for employers, concerning remote workers, is the subject of malfunctioning hardware and software. What can be done about it? How to help remote workers and allow them to do their job without interruptions? Should remote workers be called to the office, wasting time that they could have spent on proper work? The problem disappears when a company has Statlook Agents installed. Statlook is equipped with Help Desk and Remote Desktop tools to fix all the problems of remote employees. You can connect remotely to employees' computers no matter where they are and use the data form Statlook to solve their problems. IT is easy with Statlook!

Statlook monitoring module key features:

  • Monitoring applications
  • Monitoring Internet (websites visited and files transfered)
  • Blocking applications and websites
  • Recording and commenting on work breaks
  • Working time reports
  • Monitoring employee productivity
  • Software and hardware use – optimization of assets
  • Helpdesk / Service desk – easy to use ticket system
  • Remote help and remote connection
  • Remote access to files, registry and processes without interrupting work
  • Remote software and hardware management
  • Data Leakage Protection (DLP)
  • User management
  • USB blocking and authorizing access
  • Employee activity monitoring
  • Printout monitoring
  • GDPR personal data sets management
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