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23 June 2016

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  1. What is Software Asset Management? 
  2. The Components of Software Asset Management 
  3. A system designed to perform Software Asset Management
  4. Four steps of implementing Software Asset Management Policy 
  5. Benefits of implementing Software Asset Management 

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What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a streak of processes which result in gaining a full control over software licenses, thus guaranteeing that the programs are used according to the company’s profit – and in accordance to the current law. It enables you to successfully protect software resources and monitor their usage – which is why it should be a key component for every kind of facility.

The Components of Software Asset Management

As SAM may be treated as a code of behaviour which regulates such aspects as legality of software and procedures that ought to be maintained within every kind of facility, it consists of:

  • Adapting the rules of licensing according to a company/institution,
  • Capability of detecting illegal software
  • Legality policy,
  • Software purchase and internal distribution policy,
  • Current verification of both legality and procedures.

A system designed to perform Software Asset Management

statlook is a professional program designed to control the legality of software. It enables its user to manage the licenses and perform professional audits.

It enables you to audit your company’s software remotely – including multimedia files and fonts – altogether with hardware inventory and servicing analysis.

Remote computer control and management with statlook

With statlook, software audit can be performed without forcing the end-users to quit their activities, and without a visible congestion of network paths. This efficiency makes it possible to carry out the audit as often as you need! Both hardware and software inventory – even involving a vast number of workstations – run smoothly and efficiently.

Remote device and software management enables you to perform your tasks without a need to constantly move between locations within the area of your company.

Using barcodes makes it possible to enhance hardware inventory by automation of the whole process – and, in consequence, organize your IT resources efficiently.

With statlook, generating reports basing on every kind of data you may need is simple as never before. The system enables you to define the attributes and parameters according to your preference.

The data are presented in a clear and coherent way – presenting both general and detailed reports regarding any period is no trouble anymore

Ready-to-use equipment and installed software metric templates signed by the end-user who uses the workstation will let you to allocate a certain degree of responsibility from the Administrator to the worker.

Test our product for free!

The TRIAL version is fully functional for testing in your environment, and we will gladly help you with testing and implementation.


Four steps of implementing Software Asset Management Policy

STEP 1. Pre-implementation procedures

STEP 2. Veryfying and implementing the procedures

STEP 3. Post-audit and post-implementation activities control

STEP 4. Planning the strategy for the future

Benefits of implementing Software Asset Management

Ensuring software legality

Now you will be able to limit piracy within your company, thus avoid legal consequences of such behavior. As you may identify the licenses of the software installed on each workstation in no time, there is no possibility of arbitrarily install illegal programs.

Structured IT resources

With appropriate IT asset management you are able to preciselt derecr akk rge programs installed within your network and make them undergo a thorough inventory.

Reducing moneyspending

A detailed set of information concerning possessed hardware and software leads to planning the purchases more resourcefully, thus reducing the unneeded costs and enhancing the effectivity of work. Remember - by organizing the demands for equipment conciously you may reduce the unnecessary moneyspending even by several dozen of percents!

Enhancing worktime performance

When your company works on several types of software for some reason, SAM enables you to detect and eliminate this obstacle.

Enhancing security

A periodical software inventory helps you with eliminating potential dangers. Detailed knowledge about used software and hardware allows you to enhance their security, what reflects in the safety of the whole company.

Explore the secrets of Statlook

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