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Statlook software is a comprehensive system dedicated to professionals who manage IT infrastructure on a daily basis. The system provides comprehensive knowledge about resources, monitors user activity, automates daily tasks, allows to solve users' problems thanks to an advanced helpdesk module, and supports personal data security management (GDPR)

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    Table of contents:

    Employee monitoring in a remote environment has huge benefits for both individuals and the company.

    Create a culture of accountability

    Build monitoring and time tracking into your workflows

    Employee monitoring in a remote environment has huge benefits for both individuals and the company.

    Knowing that the time they spend working productively is being tracked means that remote employees are more accountable to their output each day. Thus, they are far more likely to be motivated and produce greater results on a regular basis.

    Beyond this, remote workers can take great peace of mind in time tracking and employee monitoring. They can rest assured that their work hours are being tracked and documented independently. This means that they are far less likely to face issues when it comes to billing justification and payment.

    Remote staff monitoring also helps to build trust. As an employer, you can know that the work you are paying for is being completed on time and as efficiently as possible.

    This same principle applies to companies when it comes to client billing. Activity reports can be shared with clients so that they can closely monitor a project’s progress, and see which parts of the process require the most time and resources. As an company, this gives you more rationale for future estimates, as well. Remote monitoring also offers huge benefits when it comes to management. Team leaders and business owners can focus on core tasks

    Create a culture of accountability

    Once you have found the right remote worker monitoring software for your business and introduced the policy to your staff, it is crucial that you create a culture of time tracking and monitoring in your organization.

    To do this, lead by example by sharing your activity levels with your staff, and encourage the sharing of activity levels among your remote teams. Openly sharing  can help increase employee motivation. It also helps individual employees benchmark their performance, efficiency, and productivity against all other members of a company. This can lead to your whole team actively improving their daily work habits.

    To boost your monitoring culture, think about incentivizing employees to track their time and monitor their own performance. Consider holding competitions for the most efficient or productive employees, and stress how monitoring and time tracking helps to empower individual workers by giving them freedom and flexibility over their workload.

    Build monitoring and time tracking into your workflows

    To make sure that remote employees track their time, make a conscious decision to build monitoring and time tracking into all of your company’s workflows.

    To do this, use the employee monitoring software such as Statlook system. Statlook is a software solution for both IT administrators and supervisors which changes the way you manage your IT infrastructure and remote workers. With Statlook controlling users and inventory has never been easier. Increasing the safety and efficiency of employees offers a real financial benefit for your organization. Statlook allows you to monitor user activity, web pages visited, removable storage devices used and printouts, as well as to restrict or block access to selected inventory items.

    Check some of the core features:

    • Control user activities (applications, Internet activity)

    • Monitor web pages visited by users and manage printouts

    • Receive information about operations on connected USB storage devices

    • Block applications, web pages, and USB storage media

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    There is no doubt that remote working has a lot of benefits. You do not have to waste time standing in traffic jams, you can afford to be more flexible when it comes to working hours, and you can balance your private and professional life more effectively. Researchers claim that working in the right environment has great impact on creativity. But this is the perspective of employees. Employers may have concerns about low productivity of remote workers. Another problem related to remote work is the risk of leakage of company data. What if remote employees have problems with their computers and IT administrator is in the company's headquarters? We will look at these issues and find simple but effective solutions for problems with remote working.

    Table of contents:

    The problem of low productivity – are remote workers really working?

    Data leakage - remote employees’ data security

    Managing remote workers, just like office workers – is that possible?

    The problem of low productivity – are remote workers really working?

    Remote working means no direct control. Let's not fool ourselves! Remote workers have many different distractions during their working day. Websites to browse, messenger conversations, series to watch, and more. It is much easier to succumb to these distractions when your boss and colleagues are not looking. Employers are constantly wondering whether remote employees spend their workdays rationally. The question of productivity, as well as many other, will be answered after installing monitoring software (e.g. Statlook). Statlook’s monitoring module provides functionalities such as Internet usage control, website blocking, monitoring of users' activity. It provides all the supervisors with numbers, facts and graphical representation of each working day.

    Data leakage - remote employees’ data security

    Another problem related with remote work is a potential leakage of sensitive company data. Statlook system comes with a solution. Datalook module is an intuitive tool to manage external data storage devices. It ensures increased security of key information and control over removable disks. Information about each removable data storage device used by remote employees is a recipe for increasing security. What is more, Statlook system allows employers to grant selected rights (view, edit, execute, etc.) concerning data stored on external devices to different employees.

    Managing remote workers, just like office workers – is that possible?

    Another problematic issue for employers, concerning remote workers, is the subject of malfunctioning hardware and software. What can be done about it? How to help remote workers and allow them to do their job without interruptions? Should remote workers be called to the office, wasting time that they could have spent on proper work? The problem disappears when a company has Statlook Agents installed. Statlook is equipped with Help Desk and Remote Desktop tools to fix all the problems of remote employees. You can connect remotely to employees' computers no matter where they are and use the data form Statlook to solve their problems. IT is easy with Statlook!

    Statlook monitoring module key features:

    In any given company employing remote workers, personnel costs are the most serious budget lines. It is not surprising that managers want to know how employees use their time working remotely.

    Table of contents:

    Employers versus remote employees

    All information about remote work in one place

    Check and help remotely – IT is easy with Statlook

    Common sense

    Employers versus remote employees

    Employers and employees are two groups whose interests do not always match. Theoretically, all people in a company work together for the common success, but the reality often differs from the original assumptions.

    As a result, some employees do the minimum of what is expected of them, while the employers feel that they should stand behind every employee and look at their hands. It gets even worse when employees work remotely. Is it possible to do something to make the relationship between supervisors and subordinates more transparent? How to make sure that supervisors do not constantly question the involvement of remote employees, but also that remote employees do not exploit the situation by doing much less while working from home? It can be done using IT systems for work monitoring (e.g. Statlook software).

    All information about remote work in one place

    Monitoring does not necessarily mean constant observation with cameras or constant looking at employees' monitors. Software that improves the management of remote employees allows for collecting, storing and analyzing important information about work. Using Statlook, it is possible to monitor the activity of remote employees working both with classic desktop applications and on the Internet. You can easily identify any interruptions in work, check the connected external drives and operations on them. You can also analyze the use of productive and unproductive applications and websites.

    Check and help remotely – IT is easy with Statlook

    Remote worker management is a much wider concept than just monitoring. Home workers' managers should be able to asses and verify both the time and quality of their subordinates’ work. All the data should be available in one place and accessed remotely. Here Statlook comes to your aid once again - it allows you to manage employees’ requests (tickets) and offers a remote connection tool (remote desktop - Direct PC) with many useful functions that can be used to help remote users without disturbing their work.

    Common sense

    The goal of Statlook system is to improve the work of companies. In everyday work, it speeds up and improves management, help and communication, introducing transparency between employers and remote employees.

    It is important to keep common sense when supervising remote work, and most importantly, to use professional monitoring software, which will ensure that law and regulations are not violated. Some applications can continuously record employee’s screen - this type of continuous monitoring, without any serious reason, is not allowed in many countries. Another example is monitoring of the content of electronic mail - it raises objections of employees and often causes more problems than provides benefits.

    Statlook system collects only statistical data, without collecting information about the content, which makes it an excellent analytical tool. It does not interfere with the privacy of employees. Statlook is a guarantee of professionalism in managing remote employees.

    Checking remote employee efficiency with Statlook:

    Remote working has many benefits, both for the employee and the employer. Remote workers have a chance to work in a chosen environment, usually at home, saving on commuting to work. If they live far away from the employer's office, they save not only money for tickets or car exploitation, but also their time. Employers can employ workers in a flexible way, without having to prepare a suitable workplace for them in the company.

    A big problem that employers face when hiring remote employees is the supervision of work and its effects. They cannot manage the employees directly. Or maybe they can?

    Table of contents:

    When and how - remote working

    Methods of monitoring remote workers’ productivity

    Checking remote employee efficiency with Statlook

    When and how - remote working

    Remote working is most often used in businesses where remote workers need only two things to perform their duties properly: access to a computer and the Internet. In such cases, it may seem irrelevant whether employees do their work at the office or at home. However, remote employees performing their duties at home are exposed to much more distractions than their colleagues working at the office. The employer should implement methods of supervising and checking the work of remote workers to make sure that it will bring appropriate results. Verifying the effects of the work is not always sufficient or possible, and sometimes the effects are not entirely satisfying.

    Methods of monitoring remote workers’ productivity

    In order to monitor the activity of remote employees, and thus their productivity, consider installing professional software (e.g. Statlook), or at least one module of such software: Monitoring. This intuitive, easy-to-use tool will provide an employer with a wide range of facts about remote employees. It will inform about the websites visited and the time spent on each of them by the employee working from home. It will give the possibility of blocking unauthorized websites and external drives, protecting against leakage of sensitive data. The system will also audit the use of applications, providing the employer with a full picture of programs which are really necessary and which are not used, thus reducing business costs. It is also an excellent tool for statistical analysis of remote work.

    Checking remote employee efficiency with Statlook

    Let's remember that increasing safety and efficiency of employees is a real financial benefit for the organization, and control of remote employees and resources does not have to be difficult at all! Do not wait, learn more about Statlook software and manage your remote employees as if they were working in the office!

    1. Security of Network

    Every company or institution that vastly depends on computer and Internet usage demands a certain level of IT security. First and foremost you need to take care about malware, hacker attacks and data leakage. Most of the companies is aware of the importance of such precautions – especially due to the experience of IT administrators who recommend implementing a system to wide-angled IT resource management which includes a tool to control users’ activity on the Internet.

    This includes information concerning: visited websites and domains and multimedia and software that was downloaded through this connection. Uncontrolled access to Internet puts the whole company into a danger, as the administrator is unable to quickly identify and eliminate the source of a problem.

    Implementing an Internet surveillance system will facilitate the process of identifying a danger. Systems such as statlook not only enable you to currently monitor the actions of end-users – they also provide you with the option of blocking undesirable websites and files loaded on it, what will prevent any kind of dangerous situation.

    2. Internet as a source of financial loss

    During the course of work, the Internet ought to serve as a tool to perform daily duties. Using it for private purposes or for fun does not correspond with labour code. This phenomenon is known as cyberslacking and, unfortunately, appears worldwide.

    This phenomenon applies to over 70% of all workers (according to the research performed in 2008 by Geminius company). 46% of the subjects declare that – apart from the breaks – they spend around half of hour while surfing on the Internet on a daily basis. It means that one worker spends around 10 hours monthly on activities that are not work-related. If we multiply this number by the number of workers within your facility, the result will appear to be alarming – especially while taking into consideration the fact that the statistics concern only the half of respondents.

    Implementing a system designed to Internet control will limit the loses are caused by cyberslacking.

    “The possibility of getting such data as register of visited websites, opened documents, launched applications and many other detailed pieces of data that concern the activites performed during the workcourse has a positive impact on workers”

    – states the Head of IT Department of National Forest Holding "State Forests”, who remains to be our client.

    3. Prevention

    The Internet is not only a useful tool to work – it is also a source of potential danger, usually caused unintentionally by the workers. The information about entering a dangerous website or downloading a program from an unknown source too often is delivered to the IT department after infecting the whole network. Media are overflowing with the news concerning data breaches caused by viruses downloaded from unchecked websites.

    One of most famous cases concerning such an issue was Virut. At least three million of IP addresses worldwide were infected by a virus known as Virut – as described by the report published by CERT Polska team, which works within NASK Research Institute. The virus - which was spread through websites – was used to distribute spam, stealing data and perform attacks through DDoS.

    To protect your company’s network from this kind of danger it is not enough to implement Internet monitoring. The key function of a complex, well-round system is to block websites and domains as well as access to multimedia on the level of the whole organization. Statlook system is equipped with such functionalities – you may block a certain web address both globally and locally. Preventing the danger costs less than dealing with consequences.

    Monitoring suite is a part of statlook system – a complex tool to IT infrastructure management. To get more information it takes only to download a demo version or take part in a free webinar, during which the functionalities of our system are presented live.

    Controlling and assessing worktime is a law-regulated duty of every employer. Labour law is very strict in this matter – worktime registry is a basis to make financial statements and underlying accounts. It does not matter how many people work under us – worktime registry should be done before channeling wages.

    Many companies does not respect that duty thoroughly, basing on an assumption that every worker respects the code of behaviour – thus, every worktime break or holiday is applied in oral or written form to supervisors. It appears, however, that this is not the best solution. The employees often forget to report pieces of data which are key for their employer.

    The answer to that problem is to implement a coherent work surveillance. Below, you have listed several important aspects of worktime registry:

    A system to control worktime attendance

    An appropriate solution to this issue would be implementing a tool to control the employees’ worktime performance. Such systems deliver a thorough information on an actual worktime activities, breaks, planned vacations and sick leaves. Moreover, workers have possibility of checking their own statistics and assessing their worktime on their own – including worktime schedule and actual work effectiveness.

    Worktime registry should include the number of hours spent on work on a daily basis, which includes:

    –  Overtime payments

    – Saturdays and Sundays

    – Remaining public holidays

    – Vacations

    – Sick leaves

    – On-call times

    – Excused and non-excused absences

    Monitorowanie komputera pracownika
    Statlook enables a worktime control by providing valuable information concerning used applications, websites, activities and worktime breaks.

    Employee monitoring in action

    Statlook enables a worktime control by providing valuable information concerning used applications, websites, activities and worktime breaks.

    Tools to control and assess worktime periods

    Maintaining a registry can be done with IT tools in order to automat it. Because of its simplicity and highly advanced technological solutions, statlook enables administrators to easily, yet thoroughly check the software installed within a company.

    Statlook is equipped with a unique technology of conclusive application detection. What makes it more interesting, it is not vulnerable to your employees’ ‘tricks’ who may try to hide illegal applications.

    With only one tool a company’s owner may rest assured that he keeps everything in order. System assesses the course of work automatically – for each worker separately. The data are presented as coherent reports, which can be printed or saved in any format according to your needs.

    Rozliczenie czasu pracy

    Worktime assessment

    The screen below presents an example of worktime assessment.

    Maintaining a register on paper is uncomfortable and ineffective. To enhance this process, use tools designed to control and assess the worktime performance:

    – receiving reports from a worker about tasks done during a day or week

    – current worktime monitoring and control – especially valuable for an employer who is obliged to do it by law

    – entering data concerning every worker – including positions, departments, the scope of responsibilities etc.

    – checking data concerning the number of hours spent on work – statlook counts worktime periods from logging in to logging out

    – preview on programs, applications and opened files used during the course of work

    – Generating reports basing on personal worker cards – no need to input the data manually

    Software asset management

    Software registry is a key element of every professional software legal audit. It bases on creating a detailed set of data concerning software as well as controlling the course of installating programs on computers within the company’s network. Only by mainaining such a register and control will guarantee that you have a thorough knowledge about possessed software and will allow you to put them in order, get to know how many licenses you have and implement appropriate procedures concerning software management.

    monitorowanie komputerów pracowników

    Scanning archival files

    The mechanism of disc scanning is enriched by a function of scanning archival files. There will be no possibility of hiding anything – no matter if by changing the name of a file or compressing them within .zip or .rar format. It enhances the plausibility of maintaining the registry even more – thus, enables you to grasp full control over audit and your company’s security.

    User activity monitoring

    Apart from counting time of work and breaks, our system also monitors the activity of the workers who spend most of their time in front of computers. User acitivty monitoring is a part of system that enables a manager – or an owner of a company – to check what kind of applications, websites and files were used during work. This will allow you to appropriately assess the quality of their work. These data are gathered automatically – after logging in the agent sends all the necessary data on a server. Because of that, worktime control is much easier and more comfortable.

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