Three reasons to control Internet during worktime

5 January 2017

1. Security of Network

Every company or institution that vastly depends on computer and Internet usage demands a certain level of IT security. First and foremost you need to take care about malware, hacker attacks and data leakage. Most of the companies is aware of the importance of such precautions – especially due to the experience of IT administrators who recommend implementing a system to wide-angled IT resource management which includes a tool to control users’ activity on the Internet.

This includes information concerning: visited websites and domains and multimedia and software that was downloaded through this connection. Uncontrolled access to Internet puts the whole company into a danger, as the administrator is unable to quickly identify and eliminate the source of a problem.

Implementing an Internet surveillance system will facilitate the process of identifying a danger. Systems such as statlook not only enable you to currently monitor the actions of end-users – they also provide you with the option of blocking undesirable websites and files loaded on it, what will prevent any kind of dangerous situation.

2. Internet as a source of financial loss

During the course of work, the Internet ought to serve as a tool to perform daily duties. Using it for private purposes or for fun does not correspond with labour code. This phenomenon is known as cyberslacking and, unfortunately, appears worldwide.

This phenomenon applies to over 70% of all workers (according to the research performed in 2008 by Geminius company). 46% of the subjects declare that – apart from the breaks – they spend around half of hour while surfing on the Internet on a daily basis. It means that one worker spends around 10 hours monthly on activities that are not work-related. If we multiply this number by the number of workers within your facility, the result will appear to be alarming – especially while taking into consideration the fact that the statistics concern only the half of respondents.

Implementing a system designed to Internet control will limit the loses are caused by cyberslacking.

“The possibility of getting such data as register of visited websites, opened documents, launched applications and many other detailed pieces of data that concern the activites performed during the workcourse has a positive impact on workers”

– states the Head of IT Department of National Forest Holding "State Forests”, who remains to be our client.

3. Prevention

The Internet is not only a useful tool to work – it is also a source of potential danger, usually caused unintentionally by the workers. The information about entering a dangerous website or downloading a program from an unknown source too often is delivered to the IT department after infecting the whole network. Media are overflowing with the news concerning data breaches caused by viruses downloaded from unchecked websites.

One of most famous cases concerning such an issue was Virut. At least three million of IP addresses worldwide were infected by a virus known as Virut – as described by the report published by CERT Polska team, which works within NASK Research Institute. The virus - which was spread through websites – was used to distribute spam, stealing data and perform attacks through DDoS.

To protect your company’s network from this kind of danger it is not enough to implement Internet monitoring. The key function of a complex, well-round system is to block websites and domains as well as access to multimedia on the level of the whole organization. Statlook system is equipped with such functionalities – you may block a certain web address both globally and locally. Preventing the danger costs less than dealing with consequences.

Monitoring suite is a part of statlook system – a complex tool to IT infrastructure management. To get more information it takes only to download a demo version or take part in a free webinar, during which the functionalities of our system are presented live.

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