Monitoring package

Controlling users and inventory has never been easier.

The Monitoring package:

Internet control

Get detailed information about your online activities. Reduce access to unwanted web pages and increase productivity.

Analyse how the computers are used

Collect the necessary information about the work done on the computers. This allows you to easily determine the demand for hardware and software.

Blocking HDD, SSD, pendrive

Get information about every removable storage medium you connect to your computer. Control all operations on external devices.

Blocking web pages

Control the web resources visited by users. Effectively restrict access to undesirable or unsafe sites.

Monitoring of user activity

Monitor user activity on the Internet. Ensure that your computer network is secure and that the Internet and applications are used rationally.

Printout monitoring

Monitor printouts from local and network printers. Get detailed information about printed documents.
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Monitoring of user activity

The most common failures encountered by the IT department are problems that occur between the chair and the keyboard. User activities should be monitored and statistically analysed on a continuous basis, while preserving the greatest possible sense of privacy.


• Remote monitoring of user activities
• Monitoring, blocking and granting privileges on multiple infrastructure levels

Knowledge base on user activities

Information about the activities of all users allows you to easily determine the demand for hardware and software, as well as increase the level of security of the entire infrastructure and key data.


• Detailed, summary and trend information
• System based on logins assigned to employees (independent of used computers)

Internet under control

A browser-independent mechanism analyses the time and number of visits to each page. Users will finally stop entering dangerous and undesirable websites.


• Full knowledge of the websites visited by users
• Blocking web pages or their components (video, audio, etc.)

Printout monitoring

If, after a holiday period, all the paper stocks disappear within a few days and all the toners and cartridges in the printers are exhausted, uplook Monitoring will allow you to identify the users who are responsible.


• Monitoring of printouts from local and network printers
• Detailed information about printed documents

Analysis of the use of applications

How do we know whether users need an application or not? Do they use it? How often? Are you sure they need the whole package if they only use 2 components? Just check it out!


• Tabular and graphic summaries
• The perfect tool to support the decision-making process

Management of removable storage devices

Increasing the security of key data and blocking the most common routes of data leakage are the main benefits of using the Datalook module included in the uplook Monitoring package.


• Blocking access to storage devices (e.g. USB HDD, flash drive, memory cards)
• Configuring the rights to write, read and run programs

Human resources management

If you want to give human resources managers a tool for statistical analysis of the work done on computers without providing further reports on user activity, check out the capabilities of the Bizlook module.


• Break time, presence list, statistics of programs used and web pages opened
• Online access to employee information (tablet, notebook, smartphone)

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