Resources package

Now you know everything about the infrastructure you manage.

The Resources package:


Automate your statlook system with a set of predefined rules. Define actions to be performed by the system (e.g. email notification, script execution).

License management

With the help of the license manager, you will receive a summary about the purchased software and licenses. Manage your software licenses conveniently.

License compliance

Remote license compliance audit allows IT administrators to easily identify unlicensed software.

Remote inventory (ITAM)

An automated remote inventory system provides convenience and saves time. The current inventory facilitates the reasonable management of the possessed hardware resources.

Software asset management (SAM)

Thanks to effective software management, whoever is responsible for IT infrastructure can quickly check the IT resources in the company.

Security audit

Thanks to the IT security audit you will protect your company's confidential data from falling into the wrong hands.
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Easy inventory and resource management

Inventory management functions are indispensable in the daily work of every IT department.


• Remote, automatic inventorying of resources
• Immediate search and reports based on set parameters

Complete infrastructure information in one place

Desktops, laptops, servers, switches, routers, monitors, printers, phones, documents, and even furniture and cars. You can make an inventory of anything you want.


• Full history of each inventory item (with changes)
• Assigning licenses, users, service requests, warranties, documents

Remote resource management

You manage them all remotely (online or locally). If you want to work off-site, you use a dedicated mobile application (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile).


• Security and scalability — all the benefits of a local and cloud version
• Full availability thanks to an online version

Automation of periodic tasks

With the scripting remote execution tool, daily tasks are done on their own, because every periodic task can be automated.


• Script execution schedules
• Customizable automation rules

Reports generated with a single click

Spend your time on more important things than manually creating lists and reports — using statlook inventory, you can create all the documents you need right away with just one click.


• Ready-made document templates
• Save your templates and use them according to your needs

Professional reports and documents

Sleep peacefully with the assurance that you have the appropriate licenses for all software in your organization. With uplook Inventory, you can keep up to date with the legal status of your software.


• Microsoft SAM (Software asset management) license compliance
• GDPR ready templates and documents

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