System Statlook

Statlook is a software solution for both IT administrators and supervisors which changes the way you manage your IT infrastructure and users.

Statlook system:

IT asset management (ITAM)

Statlook enables easy management of your hardware inventory. The inventory of computers and equipment will help you to make informed purchases.

Software asset management (SAM)

With the help of the license manager you get summary information about software purchased. You can locate licenses due to expire and plan the purchase of new ones.

User monitoring (UMS)

Monitor user activity and Internet usage. Check the history of web pages browsed, increase computer network security and improve the productivity of your employees.

Data leakage protection & prevention (DLP)

Protect your data from multiple inside threats. Monitoring and blocking operations on removable devices will help you keep your sensitive data safe.

Helpdesk and remote desktop (ITIL)

The provision of daily technical support does not need to be problematic. Our professional helpdesk tool enables you to quickly respond to the needs of users.

Personal data management (GDPR)

Automate the process of personal data security management and ensure GDPR Compliance. Keep a record of all internal and external access to the personal data for which you are responsible.
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Knowledge of computers, software and users

With the help of the license manager you will get summary information about the software purchased. You will find licenses due to expire and plan the purchase of new ones.


• Detailed information about the hardware and software installed
• Monitoring of web pages visited, applications, printouts
• Information on user activity
• Controlling and managing access to removable storage devices.


Saving time by automating repetitive, everyday activities is one of the most important tasks of IT management systems. Leave IT on Statlook's shoulders and take a break.


• Ready-made, configurable operating and reporting rules
• Automatic matching and detection of users, printers, monitors, components…
• Scriptlook - more possibilities thanks to your own scripts run by Statlook

IT security guarantee

According to the latest research, security is an issue that causes 80% of IT professionals sleepless nights. For peace of mind, we should automate our daily tasks and organize information about hardware, software, and users.


• Automating IT department’s daily work
• Ordering infrastructure information
• Granting rights to removable storage devices
• Monitoring of user activity

Remote Support for Users

Statlook system allows you to report incidents (desktop, online, mail, phone). Users can easily and effectively report problems. Using latest information about equipment and users, administrators can provide immediate assistance or refer it back to the knowledge base.


• Tickets, incidents, problems, knowledge base
• Desktop helper for the user
• Desktop, online, email, phone reports
• Remote desktop, remote control and remote support

Modern IT management

Management without having to be on location, or in front of a PC. Work and help remotely, be online, ba available - these are the demands of modern life. Statlook system helps you to meet these requirements.


• Remote management — Master console
• Online management — Statlook Web
• Mobile management — Mobile uplook inventory (MUI)

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