GDPR package

We can give you control of GDPR

The GDPR package:

Records of processing activities

Automation of personal data inventory and management.

Assigning data sets to activities

Convenient management and automation, centralized information on access and entrustment.

Ready-made document templates

Internal access, external entrustment and full, automated documentation.

Repository of security documents

A planning and training register with historical data.

Current information on the status of safeguards

Summary of multiple risk factors in one place and compliance with any adopted risk assessment methodology.

Historical data

Handling of requests for deletion/modification of data, extended right of access user data.
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Records of processing activities

Records of processing activities and categories of processing required by many organizations have been linked in the Statlook system with up-to-date information on data sets, employees and access rights. In this way, they not only provide the documentation required by GDPR, but also allow for the ongoing management of personal data security.


• Processing activity register in accordance with the GDPR
• Register of categories of processing
• Active link with personal data filing systems
• Automated creation of registers

Inventory of personal data sets

The Statlook system helps you quickly and easily register sets containing personal data, describe them in the right way and assign them to activities (processes). An additional advantage is that the sets are linked with information about employees, locations, hardware and software.


• Description of sets according to the recommendations of the Personal Data Protection Office
• Assigning sets to activities
• Information on access and entrustment
• Convenient management and automation
• Full compliance with the requirements of GDPR

Access and Entrustment

Conduct the entire process of granting access and entrusting data in accordance with the requirements of GDPR. The Statlook system makes it easy to delegate tasks and automatically documents the entire process, and with ready-made templates for printing, you can keep paper records with the physical signatures of your employees in tandem.


• Ready-made document templates
• Notification — verification — acceptance — implementation
• Complete automated documentation
• Internal access and external entrustment

Documents and training sessions

Manage the availability of documents such as security policy or IT system management manual. Plan training for all employees processing personal data, data security specialists and management staff.


• Repository of security documents
• Access to documents only for authorised users
• Planning of training
• Training register with historical data

Risk assessment

Whatever your risk assessment methodology, Statlook will allow you to collate all available information about your personal data sets, access to them, current security measures and potential threats. Only such knowledge can determine the real level of risk and modify the security accordingly.


• Compliance with any accepted risk assessment methodology
• Summary of multiple risk factors in one place
• Current information on the status of safeguards
• Accountability — documentation and reporting

The right to be forgotten

Register requests for deletion or modification of personal data and document their execution. Manage all your documentation in one place.


• Handling of requests for deletion/modification of data
• Permanent deletion of personal data processed by the company
• Extended right of access to user data
• Historical data

Security incidents

Make the most of the 72 hours that GDPR gives you to deal with your personal data security risks. Statlook will allow you to quickly analyse the potential threat, remotely solve the problem and automatically document the entire event.


• Acceptance of internal and external requests
• Registration and delegation of own applications
• Integrated Helpdesk system
• Connection to the modules Resources and Monitoring

Summary of the main functionalities of the GDPR package:


• Processing activities register — automatic, according to the Personal Data Protection Office guidelines
• Inventory of data sets — activities (processes) based on data sets
• Access and entrustment — full documentation of data sharing processes
• Documents and training — a central database for data protection information
• Risk assessment — all information for data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
• Right to be forgotten — registration and documentation of applications
• Security incidents — reports and handling

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