Helpdesk package

Help users and connect remotely wherever you are.

The Helpdesk Package:

Remote desktop

With a remote desktop, administrators can control computers on and off the network and provide assistance to users.

Incident management

Full information on reported incidents in the form of statistics and a knowledge base. Incident reporting and remote help in one tool.

Remote computer access

Take control of workstations within distributed architecture including multiple remote locations.

Support of service requests

Speed up the process of handling service requests. Simple and fast registration and handling of customer requests.

Remote assistance

Replace expensive dedicated remote desktop solutions and connect remotely to computers anywhere.

Helpdesk system

The provision of daily technical support does not have to be problematic. Use a professional Helpdesk system.
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Easy-to-use helpdesk system

Instead of searching the mailbox by checking requests from users, opt for a professional and yet extremely easy to use helpdesk system.


• Automatic change of email notifications into tickets
• Email notification of new applications and changes

Reports from users in one place

You collect and handle reports from all users in one place — regardless of the form (email, instant messenger, text message, telephone, oral).


• Full history of each application
• Central Knowledge Base for you and your users

Desktop–online–cloud Helpdesk

Just as you wish! You decide how you will use your Helpdesk — all forms can work simultaneously.


• Security and scalability — all the benefits of a local and cloud version
• Full availability thanks to an online version (tablet, smartphone)

Efficient management of user problems

Whether your support team consists of multiple people or you are a one-man support team, the uplook Helpdesk is the right tool to streamline your daily user struggles.


• Assigning types of submissions to specialists
• Allocation of tasks
• Priorities and escalation
• Commentary system
• Share solutions to problems with selected user groups

Reports, statistics and charts

Why waste time creating reports if you have ready-made reports waiting for you at our Helpdesk?


• Graphical statistics
• Reports to analyse or send to supervisors

Do you need help to provide help?

We also use our own tool to help our customers. Our support department doesn't want you to wait and will take care of your application right away.


• Service support with the right to all updates and upgrades — free of charge!
• Help at the source — we are the creators of the uplook Helpdesk system

Scattered locations, long distances, multi-storey buildings

Movement is all about health, but you don’t have to go straight to the user with every problem. Direct PC module — Remote Assistance — allows you to solve most requests from one place and minimize the need to run from user to user.


• View or remotely take control of a computer
• Remote access to files, registry and processes

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