Helpdesk i pomoc zdalna w systemie statlook

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Świadczenie codziennego wsparcia technicznego nie musi być uciążliwym problemem. Skorzystaj z profesjonalnego systemu do helpdesku.

Remote Desktop

With remote desktop, IT administrators are able to control computers both within and off the network. Support users from afar. Maintain your company with statlook.

Zdalna pomoc w programie statlook

Remote Support

Get disposed of expensive, dedicated remote desktop solutions and connect with your computers from remote (also via NAT).

Zdalny dostęp w programie statlook

Remote Computer Access

Take over control over your computers independently of their localization. Use remote access to take care about the issue as quickly as possible.

Zarządzanie incydentami w helpdesku statlook

IT Incident Management

With Statlook Helpdesk, you obtain all-round information about reported incidents. Statistics, databases and remote help – all necessary features in one efficient tool.

Online Maintenance Software

Speed up the process of support service. Register quickly. Service your clients with ease.

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Learn How statlook Makes
Managing IT Easy.


Simplicity of Helpdesk

Instead of searching your inbox for incident notifications, place your bet on Statlook – both professional and user-friendly helpdesk system.

    • Automated mail-to-ticket change
    • e-mail notifications about new notifications and changes

One place, many notifications

Gather and service notifications from all users. E-mail, communicator, texts, in person – all forms included.

    • Detailed history of each notification
    • Core database for both you and users



Helpdesk dektop-online-cloud

As you please! It is up to you how would you like to use your Helpdesk – all forms may find their application.

    • Safety and scalability – gathered advantages of cloud and traditional IT infrastructure
    • All-round accessibility due to online version (tablet, smartphone)

Efficient IT Incident Management

Numerous members of support team or one-person IT tech-support – it does not matter. Statlook Helpdesk is a proper tool which enhances your everyday struggle with the problems of end-users.

    • Assigning the types of notifications to specialists
    • Task sharing
    • Priorities and escalation
    • Commentary system
    • Sharing solutions with certain users groups



Reports, summaries and charts

Helpdesk provides you with ready-to-use report samples. There are no more reasons to create your reports manually.

    • Graphical statistics
    • Reports created in order to analysis or to send to your superiors.

Need a helping hand to support?

We also rely on Statlook’s usefulness in order to provide service to our Clients. Our tech-support team is not going to let you down with a problem – we will take care about it as soon as possible.

    • Complimentary Service Assist with access to every update and upgrade
    • Reach for help in the sole source – we are the creators of Statlook Helpdesk system!



Remote no longer remote

You do not have to be fit as a fiddle to reach your customer. PC Direct module – Remote Help – allows you to resolve most issues from your desk, thus saving your time on running from one user to another.

    • Monitoring or taking control over a computer
    • Remote access to files, register and processes

Satisfied Customers

Workstations Managed

Years of Experience

What Our Customers Are Saying

Certified for Windows Huge community with just one goal – to Manage IT better! Look down and check why users love statlook so much.

“…statlook gives us the information we need! The information on the computer and software use for each end every user. We use the reports showing the websites visited and applications launched to assess our users’ performance”

D. Kukielka
CIO Polish Railway, Zamosc

“.. my experience with statlook is more than satisfying. It has substantially raised the efficiency of our IT department. Due to lower IT infrastructure and software TCO we were able to save significant amount of money…”

Pioneer Pekao Investments
T. Bankowski
CEO Pekao Pionieer

“…managing our computers with statlook made our job much easier and we can finally call it efficient management. Licence compliance check provided by statlook helped us to get rid of all the applications installed by users without our knowledge and approvenment…”

Bemowo dzielnica miasta Warszawa
M. Zalewski
CIO Bemowo District Office in Warsaw

“…we are glad that we have chosen statlook as we can always count on the knowledge and experience of the support team. The direction of the application development is clear and we feel that we can influence it, as all our feature requests are always taken into consideration and, if valid, implemented…”

Xebec Inc.
J. Brezek
CEO Xebec Inc.

“… each year we await new statlook major versions as each of them comes with lots of new features and useful options. But they do not keep us waiting and release a good deal of new functions in minor versions too!…”

Q Tech Corporation
B. Nieberding
CIO Q-Tech Corporation

“… we like to keep things in order and know all the answers when somebody asks us about our IT infrastructure. Statlook comes in handy no matter if we need the details or the overview. Hardware, software and users – all the data we need in one system…”

KWT Kälte- Wärmetechnik AG
R. Steiner
KWT Kälte- Wärmetechnik AG