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Comprehensive software for managing IT resources, users and security. 20 years on the market — 750,000 supported computers — 8,500 customers who already appreciate the automation of hardware and software management, license compliance, user activity monitoring, remote assistance and helpdesk, as well as support for GDPR management. Let's find out more!

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Now you know everything about the infrastructure you manage.

Automated asset management means convenience and saving time both for you, and for your entire organization, along with increased security, productivity and additional savings. Statlook automatically collects data about computers, users and software on the web, helps you manage your licenses, and informs you of any significant changes and events.


• Facilitate asset inventory (QR codes, sets, history)
• Conduct internal license compliance (SAM)
• Manage hardware, software and licenses
• Automate daily tasks — alerts, reports, scripts, etc.



Controlling users and inventory has never been easier.

Increasing the safety and efficiency of employees offers a real financial benefit for your organization. Statlook allows you to monitor user activity, web pages visited, removable storage devices used and printouts, as well as to restrict or block access to selected inventory items.


• Control user activities (applications, Internet activity)
• Monitor web pages visited by users and manage printouts
• Receive information about operations on connected USB storage devices
• Block applications, web pages, and USB storage media



Help users and connect remotely wherever you are.

A fast and reliable way to help users is essential for the smooth operation of any organization. The Helpdesk package enables efficient ticket management due to integration with mailboxes and other components of the Statlook system. Full knowledge of incidents and a built-in remote access tool enable an immediate and effective response.


• Automatic conversion of emails into incidents (tickets)
• Convenient ticket management (desktop and online)
• Full history and documentation of each entry
• Remote assistance and remote desktop (Direct PC and Company Online)



We can give you control of GDPR.

A professional tool for IT Department, all Data Protection Officers and Specialists as well as all other employees processing personal data on a daily basis. You can easily automate the process of personal data security management and ensure a good standard of protection against the consequences of an audit.


• Automate records of processing activities in accordance with GDPR rules
• Manage data sets and processing activities
• Manage the people and organizations processing your data
• Training, incidents, risk evaluation and Impact Assessment



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The company in numbers

35 years
on the market
15 branches 

Statlook software in numbers

20 years
on the market
monitored computers
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  • “…The application is used to provide surveillance over the operation of 130 devices situated in the main office and with roaming users. It should be emphasized that the software definitely facilitates the daily administration of the network and directly influences both the general improvement of the IT infrastructure and increases the security of the IT system. Statlook can be very easily controlled by system admins and all risky behaviours can be prevented.”

    Kershaw Group Ltd
  • “Statlook system is not only an invaluable help in solving problems encountered by the network administrators in their Daily work. The system also provider specific support in making more strategic decisions regarding the expansion, modernization or more efficient use of individual IT resources.”

    C. Oprea
    CTO Zaheen Telecom
  • “…statlook gives us the information we need! The information on the computer and software use for each end every user. We use the reports showing the websites visited and applications launched to assess our users’ performance”

    D. Kukielka
    CIO Polish Railway, Zamosc
  • “.. my experience with statlook is more than satisfying. It has substantially raised the efficiency of our IT department. Due to lower IT infrastructure and software TCO we were able to save significant amount of money…”
    T. Bankowski
    CEO Pekao Pionieer
  • “…managing our computers with statlook made our job much easier and we can finally call it efficient management. Licence compliance check provided by statlook helped us to get rid of all the applications installed by users without our knowledge and approvenment…”
    M. Zalewski
    CIO Bemowo District Office in Warsaw
  • “…we are glad that we have chosen statlook as we can always count on the knowledge and experience of the support team. The direction of the application development is clear and we feel that we can influence it, as all our feature requests are always taken into consideration and, if valid, implemented…”
    J. Brezek
    CEO Xebec Inc.
  • “… each year we await new statlook major versions as each of them comes with lots of new features and useful options. But they do not keep us waiting and release a good deal of new functions in minor versions too!…”
    B. Nieberding
    CIO Q-Tech Corporation
  • “… we like to keep things in order and know all the answers when somebody asks us about our IT infrastructure. Statlook comes in handy no matter if we need the details or the overview. Hardware, software and users – all the data we need in one system…”
    R. Steiner
    KWT Kälte- Wärmetechnik AG
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